• Dragon FlightDragon Flight
    Defend yourself against flying dragons, bats,and citidels by shooting bursts of fire at them!

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your top 5 favorite games

  • 3D Micro Wars3D Micro Wars
    Participate in the Micro Wars! Kill all enemies and build up weapons! Use awesome special moves to wipe everyone out!
  • Ben 10: UnderworldBen 10: Underworld
    The Evil Kevin suddenly appeared and kidnapped Gwen! Help Ben fight his way through the massive underworld before it's too late to save Gwen!
  • Boxhead: The RoomsBoxhead: The Rooms
    Blast those block zombies before they attack you! It's an all-out rampage against the zombies while you try to stay alive.
  • Child's WarChild's War
    These three girls love having fights everywhere! Help them throw cake, use magic wands, launch rockets, and much more!

additional favorite games

  • Dragon JourneyDragon Journey
    Oh no! All your eggs have been stolen by that evil vulture! Chase after the vulture to collect your eggs and save the dragon babies!
  • Dressed to KillDressed to Kill
    Battle your way through the King's toughest knights so that you might Henry VIII himself! Will you win gallantly, or go down in battle?
  • Gingerbread Circus: Knife ThrowingGingerbread Circus: Knife Throwing
    Throw knives at targets! Hit the right number of targets before you run out of time, but be careful not to injure your gingerbread assistant!
  • GladiatusGladiatus
    Compete as a gladiator or explore the fascinating ancient world full or glorious stories. Master adventures and meet challenges to grow stronger.
  • Hairdressing Salon for Bald MenHairdressing Salon for Bald Men
    Match customers with their perfect wig! Look carefully at the wigs and the individuals, then match the bald men to the wig for them!
  • Home RunHome Run
    Try to boot the turtle as far as possible for a home run! Kick it and hope it bounces or flies over obstacles and see how far you can make it go!
  • Hostile SpawnHostile Spawn
    Hostile alien spawn have infested the planet of Kerrus. Wipe them out!
  • Hot Shot ChallengeHot Shot Challenge
    Make a certain number of baskets before time runs out! Each round requires more scores! Get more points by making bonus baskets after each round!
  • I.T. KwandoI.T. Kwando
    Help Dave use his network powers to fight off evil Ninjas! Collect Token Rings for extra points!
  • Ice Castle BlasterIce Castle Blaster
    Destroy the ice castle by hurling stones at it with a catapult. Perfect your aim and completely destroy it earning new power ups for each level.
  • Imperium IIImperium II
    Build and balance your empire! Manage your citizens and order your soldiers! Import, export, and even order war on other cities!
  • Martial TricksMartial Tricks
    Use your skills as a young martial arts apprentice to follow the moves that your kung-fu master will give you to elevate your fighting skills.
  • Mission CommandoMission Commando
    Staying alive is the only goal in this quick and simple point-and-click shooter.
  • Mushroom MadnessMushroom Madness
    Protect your tasty mushrooms from the pesky, hungry, hedgehogs! Collect gold and silver and use the money for defense upgrades between levels!
  • My Wonderful FarmMy Wonderful Farm
    Plant, water, grow, and harvest crops! Try to make as much cash as you can by planting many different crops on your wonderful farm!
  • Mystic HunterMystic Hunter
    Wander through a castle in search of treasures: the Dragon Eye Medalion, the Mysterious Wind Vase, and the Secret of Eternal Youth!
  • Nano EugenicsNano Eugenics
    Help the ovum collect good genes! Get strong DNA from orange spermatozoid, but avoid the spermatozoid from which DNA has already been collected!
  • Paddle BallPaddle Ball
    Keep a ball bouncing on your paddle! See how long you can keep the ball within your reach without letting it touch the ground!
  • Paint the FencePaint the Fence
    Paint the fences as quickly and efficiently as you can! Avoid painting non-fence items and get the colors right! Use a variety of tools to paint!
  • Panda's Big AdventurePanda's Big Adventure
    Join Panda on an adventure through time! Collect and combine objects to make it to different time periods and explore the world with Panda!
  • Pheasant HunterPheasant Hunter
    Strap on your boots and get your gun. It is time to do a little hunting. Make sure you don't shoot your dog.
  • Prince of PandiaPrince of Pandia
    Travel through pandia in the style of a prince! Gain powers, collect gold, save prisoners, and avoid volcanos!
  • Pro SkatePro Skate
    Try to stay on your board while you skate over rails, ledges, hills, and much more! Collect stars and try not to get thrown off your board!
  • Pygmy: Valley of AdventuresPygmy: Valley of Adventures
    Help Pygmy to avoid all obstacle and complete all levels. Jump over spikes and rocks while collecting coins! Fight off enemies to finish levels!
  • Pyramid BloxxPyramid Bloxx
    Help build a giant pyramid! Carefully toss the blocks from tier to tier! How high up can you get the block? Can you reach the top?
  • PyroPyro
    Ignite the unlit torches with your fireball! Aim the fireball carefully and fire it at the torches! Light as many as you can in each shot!
  • Pyro IIPyro II
    The puzzle game for pyromaniacs with more things to burn and a fully featured level editor. Angle and launch fire-balls to light all the torches!
  • R.O.B.O.TR.O.B.O.T
    Control the last KX-3700 Army-class robot in existence against the never ending onslaught of other robots sent to terminate you.
  • Race To KillRace To Kill
    Your mission is simple but dangerous, stay alive and try to get rid of enemies! Drive your car of choice collecting cash and taking orders!
  • Radical AcesRadical Aces
    Fly around this 3D enviroment shooting down airplanes and tanks before they get you.
  • Raft WarsRaft Wars
    Blow the opponents out of the water with your brother as you defend your newly discovered riches from the evil pirates.
  • Ragdoll Space ShooterRagdoll Space Shooter
    The Rabbit's Galactic Republic is at war! It's up to Captain John Long-Eared to defend the Republic from the Evil Space Wolves!
  • Raging Steel 2Raging Steel 2
    Maneuver your tank to destroy enemies while evading their missiles! Destroy as many enemies as possible before they destroy you!
  • RaidersRaiders
    Attack your enemies and bring them down! Eliminate the other team to win!
  • Railway EngineerRailway Engineer
    Help build a train-track across the room! Quickly build a track from start to finish before the train derails!