Merry Christmas


2A folded piece of stiff paper with illustrations, used to send greetings for Christmas (4)
3The stockings were hung by the _______ with care (7)
6Relating to or used in religious worship (6)
7The birth of Jesus Christ, which is celebrated by Christians at Christmas (8)
9Toys for little girls (5)
10December 25th. is a _______ (7)
13Oh Little Town of _________ (9)
17Social gathering for fun, especially at Christmas time (5)
18Group of relatives (6)
19Used for sliding down snowy hills (4)
20A devoutly religious or saintly person (4)
22We wish you a ______ Christmas (5)


1The day or evening of December 24 (9,3)
4Serve for Christmas dinner (3)
5Pleasurable anticipation, especially children at Christmas time (7)
7The First ____ (4)
8Custom or belief (9)
11Log burned on Christmas eve (4)
12Wise Men (4)
13Newborn (4)
14______ New Year (5)
15The mother of Jesus (4)
16Santa delivers these (4)
21A Judeo-Christian synonym for God (4)

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