Ends in "RT"


1One or more persons accompanying somebody or something as a guard or guide, or as a mark of honor (6)
5Bring something in from abroad (6)
10Difficult to please, and tending to concentrate on small or unimportant details (7)
11Robbers who operates from a ship on the ocean (7)
12A set of clothing (with accessories) (6)
15To jump suddenly toward or onto somebody or something, especially onto prey (6)
16To describe or report something in an inaccurate or misleading way (7)
17Tasting sour like a lemon (4)
18A small narrow pointed missile that is thrown or shot (4)
19Functioning erratically, or not functioning at all, "has gone completely _______" (7)
20A market, salesroom, or large store such as K-____ (4)
22Passed with flying colors (4)
25To move from one habitat or environment to another in response to seasonal changes and variations in food supply (7)
27Astrologically significant part of sky (6)
28History in general, as it is recorded in books and other documents (6)
31To awake again (7)
32Place where movies are shown (7)
33Go back to a previous state (6)
34A close-fitting pullover shirt (1-5)


2An elected or appointed member of a senate (7)
3Flowering plant: showy, delicate, fragrant, with three petals. Native to: tropical climates (6)
4Objects for children to play with. (4)
5(folklore) fairies that are somewhat mischievous (4)
6Usually brightly colored tropical bird (6)
7A building having a circular plan and a dome (7)
8Mental or physical energy that is exerted in order to achieve a purpose (6)
9Insist on having one's opinions and rights recognized (6)
13During her maiden voyage, she struck an iceberg and sank (7)
14So as to be across or positioned crosswise over something (7)
15In accordance with a fixed proportion (3,4)
20Prolific Austrian composer and child prodigy (6)
21Unnecessary rules and regulations which result in delay; bureaucracy in general. (3 4)
23A formal written statement describing the rights and responsibilities of a state and its citizens (7)
24Arid land with little or no vegetation (6)
25Title used for a married Frenchwoman (6)
26Entangle or catch in (or as if in) a mesh (6)
29Jaunty and stylish in design (4)
30To restore, or direct somebody to restore, something that has previously been deleted from a printed or written text (4)

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