Do "UC" What I See?


1To come to a conclusion, often without all the necessary or relevant information, but using what is known in a logical way (6)
5Pail (6)
10Somebody who is taken from a dangerous place and sent somewhere safer, especially during a war (7)
11Seize area by military force (7)
12Loosens or unfastens a knot or similar fastening in something such as a string, ribbon, or rope (6)
15Constantly busy and hurried (6)
16Draws something aimlessly or absent-mindedly, usually while doing something else (7)
17To push, fold, or bend something such as a flap of material into a particular place or position (4)
18The colored part of the eye (4)
19The smallest planet and the nearest to the sun (7)
20After the expected or usual time; delayed (4)
22The cutting side of a blade (4)
25A rectangular hole in a piece of wood, stone, etc. into which another piece is fixed, so that they form a joint (7)
27An order that after a specific time certain activities (as being outside on the streets) are prohibited (6)
28With attractive or impressive natural scenery (6)
31Belonging to, favoring, or assisting no side in a war, dispute, contest, or controversy (7)
32The system of rules by which words are formed and put together to make sentences (7)
33Cards in a deck that have two spots (6)
34Inflicted something such as a blow or punch (6)


2Stretchy and flexible (7)
3Never having been used (6)
4An open vessel with a handle and a spout for pouring (4)
5A male animal of some species, including the antelope, deer, goat, kangaroo, and rabbit (4)
6Small and light boats; pointed at both ends; propelled with a paddle (6)
7Imaginary circle around Earth (7)
8Make a subtraction (6)
9Large commercial freight transport vehicle (6)
13In some unspecified way or manner; or by some unspecified means (7)
14To give knowledge to or develop the abilities of somebody by teaching (7)
15Woman legal inheritor of something (7)
20Luminous: shining with a glowing light (6)
21To inflict extreme pain or physical punishment on somebody (7)
23Full of energy, enthusiasm, and a sense of purpose and able both to get things going and to get things done (7)
24Card game of winning tricks (6)
25A decimal system of weights and measures based on units such as the kilogram and meter (6)
26Oblong cream puff (6)
29Relating to, involving, or showing addition (4)
30Green ____ and Ham (4)

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