Be "Th"ankful


1A deep pulsating type of pain (5)
4A short pin with a large flat head used for attaching papers or cards to a board (9)
9A residential area outside of a city and beyond suburbia (7)
10Willful lack of care and attention (7)
11An inspection of the accounting procedures (5)
13Praise, glorify, or honor (5)
15One or some or every or all without specification (3)
16Tear or be torn violently (3)
17Able to move or bend the body lightly and gracefully (5)
19The act of taking something from someone unlawfully (5)
21Slumber (5)
23Foe (5)
24Of or belonging to us (3)
25Female deer (3)
26Express gratitude or show appreciation to (5)
28Gives off, sends forth, or discharges (5)
29Little House on the ______ (7)
31Green-fleshed edible fruit (7)
33Amusement park with theme (5,4)
34One of three equal parts of a divisible whole (5)


1A book that lists words related to each other in meaning (9)
2The activity of gathering livestock together so that they can be counted or branded or sold (7)
3Fastened under a child's chin to protect the clothing while eating (3)
4A skilled occupation, usually one requiring manual labor (5)
5A large pot for making coffee or tea (3)
6A glazed ring-shaped bread roll with a slightly chewy texture (5)
7Number considered typical of number group (7)
8Young domestic cat (5)
12Plant with cup-shaped flowers (5)
14Plural of "this" (5)
18The 8th letter of the Greek alphabet (5)
19Leaves can be used as seasoning for almost any meat and stews (5)
20A piece of stone or hardwood that forms the bottom of a doorway (9)
22Raise from a lower to a higher position (7)
24The Japanese art of folding paper into shapes representing objects (e.g., flowers or birds) (7)
25A railroad or bus station (5)
26Being one more than two (5)
27A special skill, talent, or aptitude (5)
30A long period of history (3)
32Cereal plant with edible seed (3)

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