Out of the Bl"ue"


1To save somebody or something from a dangerous or harmful situation (6)
5Used for tasting, swallowing, and in humans, speech. (6)
10A person who has served in the armed forces (7)
11Keep from happening (7)
12Spice (6)
15Able to speak a language effortlessly and correctly (6)
16A pedal pushed repeatedly by the foot to provide drive for a machine such as a sewing machine or potter's wheel (7)
17Exactly divisible by two (4)
18The present location; this place (4)
19Worried or afraid, especially about something that is going to happen or might happen (7)
20Organs of sight (4)
22One of the numbered items of information used to solve a crossword puzzle (4)
25An outcome, especially the final score in a sports competition or the grade awarded to somebody who has taken a test (7)
27To put down by force or authority (6)
28Past participle, past tense of string (6)
31Observe, check out, and look over carefully or inspect (7)
32Past due; not paid at the scheduled time (7)
33An association of sports clubs or teams that compete with each other (6)
34To make something certain to happen (6)


2To give somebody the right to have or to do something ( often passive ) (7)
3A brass musical instrument with a brilliant tone (6)
4An immeasurably long periods of time (4)
5Video or audio cassette (4)
6A small sharp metal pin used for sewing (6)
7A small guitar having four strings (7)
8A wide street or road in a town (6)
9A human being or animal that is sculpted, modeled, cast, or carved (6)
13Somebody to whom something is transferred in a legal transaction (7)
14Mental or physical exhaustion (7)
15Shows something off: displays something ostentatiously (7)
20Follows closely after something (6)
21The act of clasping another person in the arms (as in greeting or affection) (7)
23Cleanse with a cleaning agent, such as soap, and water (7)
24A young eagle (6)
25An official or binding decision such as one made by a court or judge (6)
26Mental, emotional, or physical strain caused, e.g. by anxiety or overwork (6)
29Used to emphasize that something is not large or important (4)
30Where you live at a particular time (4)

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