From "P" To "T"


1Upright pole (4)
3Time before present (4)
6Sharp end of something (5)
10Rules of acceptable behavior (9)
11A red or green fruit with juicy, sweet, orange-yellow pulp and a large pit (5)
12The time between one event, process, or period and another (7)
13Conforming to accepted standards of social or professional behavior (7)
14Catch sight of (4)
16______ of Liberty (6)
18Take a siesta (3)
21Being one more than nine (3)
22Of or on your own ______ of your own free will (6)
23Relinquish possession or control over (4)
25Somebody who lives in the country (7)
27Software that provides better performance than an earlier version did (7)
29To be no longer valid or active; expire (5)
30Have a specified beginning, create or initiate. (9)
31An occurrence that causes special pleasure or delight (5)
32Writer of poems (4)
33A persistently annoying person (4)


1The head of state, or head of state and chief political executive, of a republic (9)
2Moving very fast (5)
4Starting or functioning by itself (9)
5Plural of "this" (5)
6Informational or political leaflet (8)
7The state of not being guilty of a crime or offense (9)
8Drag baited line through water (5)
9A cat does this when it is contented (5)
15A large fruit with juicy yellow flesh (9)
17A shade of blue tinged with green (9)
19An established custom or practice (9)
20Small tropical parrot (8)
24Repeating what has happened or been done before (5)
25Someone who is licensed to operate an aircraft in flight (5)
26A unit of girl or boy scouts (5)
28Astonish (5)

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