A Lot Going "On"


1A craftsman who works with stone or brick (5)
4Ruckus: a scene of noisy confusion or activity (9)
9A prison cell, often underground, especially beneath a castle (7)
10Having three units or components or elements (7)
11Yellow oval fruit (5)
13Malicious burning to destroy property (5)
15A hotel providing overnight lodging for travelers (3)
16A particle that is electrically charged (positive or negative) (3)
17Enter a computer (3,2)
19A collection of maps in book form (5)
21A god or spirit believed to inhabit a place or living object such as a tree (5)
23A person who is older than you are (5)
241/60 of a minute (3)
25A motion that goes to and fro rapidly (3)
26Someone who is critical of the motives of others (5)
28Hindu political leader in India (5)
29Describes any geologic time when a large part of the Earth was covered in ice (7)
31Cliff overlooking the Rhine River (7)
33The science that deals with foods and their effects on health (9)
34Yellow-brown metalloid element (5)


1A large decorative metal disk worn on a chain around the neck (9)
2An elf in fairy stories who sprinkles sand in children's eyes to make them sleepy (7)
3Used to introduce a married woman's maiden name (3)
4A Latin American dance in which people form a line (5)
5Sports equipment consisting of a piece of thick padding on the floor for gymnastic sports (3)
6Plant with pungent bulbs (5)
7A feeling or attitude of hostility, unfriendliness, or dislike toward somebody (3,4)
837th President of the United States (5)
12A synthetic fabric (5)
14A special council of church members that holds regular meetings to discuss religious issues (5)
18The color of growing grass (5)
19Tied about the waist and worn to protect your clothing (5)
20The condition of being cut off from others, or from other places (9)
22Habitually moving from place to place especially in search of seasonal work (7)
24A learned person, especially an academic specialist in one area of knowledge (7)
25A child's four-wheeled toy (5)
26Narrow red or green hot-tasting pod (5)
27A punctuation mark (:) (5)
30A Hawaiian flower necklace (3)
32Curved bone of chest (3)

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