"And" So It Goes


1Lacking flavor, character, or interest (5)
4Able to transfer large amounts of data at high speed (9)
9An intermediate point between two places, people, or times (7)
10To turn aside, as from a route, way, course, etc. (7)
11Outstanding and impressive in appearance, extent, or style (5)
13The beginning of something, especially of something difficult or unpleasant (5)
15Sweet potato (3)
16Mentally quick and resourceful (3)
17Striped animal resembling horse (5)
19Flat surface for holding objects (5)
21Very good, excellent, or first- rate ( informal ) (5)
23A male given name, French form of Andrew (5)
24Board used to slide across snow (3)
25Used to express surprise, admiration, wonder, or pleasure (3)
26Type of car (5)
28(used of soil) loose and large- grained in consistency (5)
29Requests something forcefully (7)
31Recurring illness transmitted by mosquitoes (7)
33Balancing on hands (9)
34A cell, group of cells, or organ producing a secretion (5)


1A small grand piano (4,5)
2To draw or secure somebody's attention (7)
3To color or stain something, e.g. fabric or hair (3)
4A small drum; played with the hands (5)
5Of long duration; not new (3)
6A clump of grass and earth removed, especially by the blade of a golf club (5)
7To examine something in great detail in order to understand it better or discover more about it (7)
8Sequence of mental images during sleep (5)
12Unsteady, as if about to lose balance, and slightly giddy (5)
14A small table for holding articles of various kinds (5)
18A name given to a product or service (5)
19A flight of stairs (5)
20The imaginary realm of fairies (9)
22A male journalist or broadcaster who reports news (7)
24A chilled Spanish drink of red wine, fruit juice, carbonated water, sugar, and brandy (7)
25The extent of something from side to side (5)
26Mails (something) to a place (5)
27Somebody who wanders from place to place (5)
30Body of salt water (3)
32A human limb (3)

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